Company History

Company Milestones

  • Guangzhou Prospects (Pengsheng) Trading Co., Ltd started as a trade/sales agency firm in 2002 representing and assisting global clients/buyers with purchasing in China. The scope of products consisted of clothing, hats, shoes, electronic appliances, clocks, china, toys, etc. The annual purchasing volume reached as much as over 10 million US dollars.


  • In the process of representing clients, the company gradually focused its represented products on clothing and apparel. The company’s founding member Ms. Jing (Ada) Gui, General Manager of the company before transferring to the company’s US office, made it point that she and her team members understood the inside-out of clothing/apparel industry in all its aspects, from designs, matching, accessorizing, demands, supplies, manufacturing, storage, shipping, etc.


  • Toward the end of 2005, Ms. Jing (Ada) Gui, relying on her knowledge, experiences and connections with global clients, decided to set up a full-service clothing firm which integrated design, patterning, trading and a manufacturing factory. The company had designers, pattern-makers, marketing/sales staff, store fronts, and registered its own brands in Hong Kong and China. The firm back then was staffed with 20 employees (now 30), and the factory had over 100 employees and 4 production lines.


  • In 2009-2010, when maintaining a factory proved to be no longer cost-efficient, Ms. Jing Gui decided to shave the company off the manufacturing factory. Under Ms. Gui’s leadership, the focus of the company was on designing and development of products, plus trade. Ms. Gui came up with the idea of “proactive marketing” by proactively servicing the clients with quarterly and monthly collections developed and released by the company, and proactively designing series of clothing lines to diversify products and reduce client’s risk. Ms. Gui also instructed the company to locate factories able to start production at 5 pieces per order (Min Order Quantity being 5 pieces).


  • After the global depression from 2008 to 2012, the European market demands shrunk a great deal. To develop new market, it was Ms. Jing Gui’s vision to pivot the company to United States for new business opportunities. Now, the company has a US branch (founded in 2014) in California, its annual gross volume exceeding 1.5 millions US Dollars.


  • As of summer 2017, Guangzhou Prospects specializes in clothing and apparel development and trade, its annual sales volume averaging 74 million RMB, over 11 million US dollars. The company is staffed with over 30 employees at its Guangzhou office and 11 employees at its US office. Its clients are buyers from US, Brazil, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc.