Our Team

1(9).jpg Jing (Ada) Gui served as General Manager of PPS Guangzhou from 2006 to 2014 when she was transferred to function as Chair  and President of PPS’s USA office. Prior to joining PPS, Ms. Gui served as marketing manager of MBC Int’l Trading Limited in  Guangzhou, China from 2002 to 2005. Ms. Gui has an MBA degree and majored in English Education for her undergraduate study.  As a founding member of PPS, she instituted and perfected the business model of PPS which integrated design, development,  manufacturing, trade and logistics. An innovator, motivator, visionary and strong leader, Ms. Gui has been the heart and soul of  the company.  



2(1).jpgHuogen (Kevin) Wang has been the Chair of our Board of Directors since October 2005. He has served as the General Manager of PPS since 2014 when Ms. Gui was transferred to our US office. Mr. Wang is also a founding member of PPS. His management duties at PPS focuses on the areas of trading, shipping and manufacturing. If Ms. Gui is the visionary and strategist, Mr. Wang is the doer, implementing Ms. Gui’s vision and translating it to actionable tasks from the ground up. Mr. Wang also has experiences in the capital market. Like Ms Gui, Mr. Wang has a MBA in English Education and a MBA degree. 



3(0).jpgLu Tang has a MBA degree from York University and has been Manager of Department of Marketing and Sales since June 2016. From 2014 to June 2016 Miss Lu Tang worked in a variety of positions at PPS which provided her with a broad range of knowledge of our business and the ability to provide significant input to our Board with respect to operational matters. 




4(2).jpgHongliang Wang has been working as Manager of Order Processing since 2012. He has extensive experiences in all aspects of the retail clothing supply chain, from conceptualization, sourcing to final production and distribution. Prior to his appointment as Manager of Ordering Processing, Mr. Hongliang Wang served as our clothing factory’s General Manager from April 2006 to March 2011, mainly responsible for purchasing plan, purchasing activity, production management and quality control.



5(2).jpgYan Chen has been serving as Manager of International Management responsible for overseeing accounting, administration, HR and office management since May 2015. She has more than night years of accounting and auditing experience. Ms. Yan Chen joined the Company in 2008 as an accountant and was promoted in 2013 to division leader of finance. 




6(1).jpgQingxiang Wang graduated from Guangdong’s Premium Clothing College. She joined PPS in July 2015 and has been responsible for producing quarterly collections for PPS. In addition to proactively putting out quarterly collections, Ms. Wang has been leading her team of sub-designers, sample-makers and pattern-makers to design and develop samples to client’s satisfaction. Forward-leaning and having a comprehensive understanding of women apparels, Ms. Wang is especially good at designing blouses and dresses.