How to determine the level of flax fiber


Flax fiber is also called flax, it is the raw material of linen textile, the good or bad of flax is directly related to the quality of linen fabric. Therefore, in the selection of the flax stem, there are corresponding levels and standards. The grade of flax stem was determined mainly according to the color, standard rate of color, length of process, fineness, standard rate of stem, rate of straw rate and moisture regain etc. PPSCN takes you to know the professional terms and grade standards of flax.


Related technical terms of flax stem index:


Color: it refers to the actual color and luster of the linens in natural light.

Standard rate of color: in the original stem of a certain level, the percentage of the number of original stems of the specified color is consistent with that level.

Length of process: refers to the distance from the original stem to the base of the first branch

Fineness: the diameter of one half of the original stem

Standard stems: the color, fineness, length of process and standard rate of color all meet the original stem of a certain grade

Standard rate of stem: the number of the standard stem is the percentage of the total number of plants

Rate of straw rate: the quality of the straw in the sample is the percentage of sample quality

According to above indexes of flax stem test samples, the results are compared with the indexes of each grade and the physical standard. The convention moisture regain is 12%. The maximum moisture regain rate is 14% (equivalent to 12% of water). See the table below.



The standard of the flax

grade     Refers to the standard
colour and lustre

Standard color percentage(%)    

Process length(mm)



Standard rate of stem(%)    

Rate of straw rate(5)


one yellow good 95 800 1.0~1.5 90 1
two Light yellow, rown 90 700 1.0~2.0 85
three Green yellow, light brown     preferably     80 600 0.8~2.0 80
four Yellow, green, brown 70 500 0.8~2.0 75 2
five variegated bad 60 400   70