Women's wear aesthetics leads the public's clothing behavior



As we have said, people often confuse dress aesthetics with knowledge of how to dress up, but after accepting its logical features, we should not move toward another extreme, cannot think the women's clothing aesthetics is not at odds with the public clothing behavior.


The open society of commodity economy is different from the closed society of natural economy, people's communication increases, and many exploit opportunities are caught in the first contact.Fast-paced life make people not only deepened after time of judgment, it is hard to have leisure to correct the initial image of misreading, which makes the relationship between the first effect becomes extremely important, it largely determines the development trend of the social activities and depth. Women's clothing as one of the basic foundation of effect for the first time, it is beyond the scope of aesthetic taste, become the element that lead to success in life. This kind of demand stimulus to raise the level of the main body beautification make the image more and more closely reflect the wearer, quality and personality, with clothes and take a person has certain rationality.


If social life is related to social trends, it is not shown that the trend is about to become a trend, which will attract the attention of scholars and the needs of the society. The first women's books were about the cutting, because the family was the main way to dress people, with the advent of craft workshops, clothing became commoditized, and brochures such as shopping were popular. At that time, women's aesthetic and artistic works appeared when women's wear was enhanced and the public had the desire and ability to shape their image freely, people not only wear the effect, but also wear the reason, and only fully wear the reason can ensure the maximum wear out the effect.


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