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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 17, 2022
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In addition to the benefits of flexible dose adjustment, in clinical practice, the most appropriate medical treatment can be given to patients according to the duration of insulin action, the speed of drug effect initiation, etc., including fast-acting, short-acting, intermediate-acting, long-acting and mixed, etc. Short-acting starts fast, long-acting starts slowly but lasts. "Usually we keep the patient's oral dose at the same level first, and then take an additional injection of long-acting insulin to match it. The advantage of this is that one injection a day, the effect of which is maintained for a day, is used to control blood sugar before meals, which is very beneficial to the patient. The psychological impact is also smaller, so long-acting insulin is also photo retouching service called basal insulin.” If the patient's blood sugar status is still poor, such as high blood sugar after meals, additional short-acting postprandial insulin can be injected after meals. Today's insulin products are more and more evolved. In order to reduce the frequency and number of injections for patients, mixed fast-acting and long-acting insulins have also been developed. And medical progress is rapid, and now there are "full-day value-added" insulins, which have the functions of long-acting insulin to stabilize blood sugar for more than 24 hours, and can also control postprandial blood sugar. Psychologically and conveniently, patients are more likely to accept insulin and grasp their diabetes condition more quickly. Type 2 diabetes is a product of a civilized society. In a society that values ​​pleasure and food, it gradually puts a burden on the body, which in turn causes unpleasant health problems. Especially in the age of aging, when people live longer and longer, it is bound to happen. There is more time to deal with the gradual deterioration of bodily functions.
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Nayeem Ahmed

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