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Salma Akter
Jun 19, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Bilibili, also known as Station B, is an ACG-related barrage executive list video sharing website launched in 2009 and listed on Nasdaq in 2018. Its feature is the real-time comment function suspended above the video. Fans call it "barrage". It is a cultural community executive list with great interactive sharing and secondary creation. In May 2020, bilibili's "Hou Lang" was screened, attracting more people's attention. As a loyal user of Station B, the author of this article has conducted an in-depth product analysis on it. Over the past ten years, from the original two-dimensional barrage video website to the current hotbed of young people in the Z era, And deeply explore the way to break the circle at executive list station B. If you have different opinions, please comment and discuss. This article will analyze the following aspects: Product disassembly Competitive Analysis user analysis user research Function optimization Summarize 1. Product disassembly The author disassembled Bilibili into 8 business modules, namely content executive list community, membership purchase (e-commerce), live broadcast, commercialization, game center, classroom, mine and search, and showed in detail the services provided by each business line. I will have different answers at different times: it is executive list the countless high-quality dramas, the excitement of receiving a comment from the main UP follower for the first time, the satisfaction of getting many likes in my own comment, and the joyful executive list laughter of watching other people’s self-made ghost videos. , It is the wonderful operation and play tricks of the anchor of the game live broadcast room, it is the surprise of searching for the courseware information and finding the detailed tutorial video, and it is the knowing smile of the famous teacher of his own school on the classroom platform...
Bilibili Product Analysis Executive List content media
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Salma Akter

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